We are the Dutch manufacturer of solutions for internal transport and storage, such as dispensers with a spring mechanism and transport trolleys. Our company was founded in 1971 and operates internationally. Since then, we have built up a great deal of expertise, initially in the professional food service sector and, for some years now, also in healthcare logistics (OR and CSA) and industry. Depending on the (geographical) market and/or solution, we operate through installers or dealers or providers with the relevant range.


Our philosophy is to make repetitive moving and lifting work pleasant and light. We list, advise, engineer, visualise and produce solutions for physically demanding work that cannot be automated, to suit the wishes and needs of the user, working with a design agency when required. MOBILE CONTAINING is happy to act as a partner in devising and realising customer solutions on a project-by-project basis. In addition to tools from the series programme, we offer customised versions. Our motivation, expertise and creativity guarantee pragmatic solutions and minimisation of total cost of operation for the customer.


Social and environmental responsibility are of paramount importance to us. Our CO₂ footprint is small because almost all of our suppliers are based in the Netherlands. By using stainless steel, recycled plastic and rock wool for insulation, our products are manufactured on an environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Production is largely done at our sister company AVEDKO BV, one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel outdoor enclosures in the Netherlands. AVEDKO BV was founded in 1921, has its own complete product line and has a large machine park with laser cutting and an advanced powder coating installation.


Both companies are still family owned and have a total of 43 skilled and enthusiastic employees.

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