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About MOBILE containing

MOBILE containing BV is the leading Dutch manufacturer of self levelling crockery and cutlery handling systems. We supply to service counter manufacturers, specialist kitchen supply contractors and catering equipment dealers.

The company was incorporated in April 1971 and has accumulated much specialist knowledge in its field.

The MOBILE containing assembly section employs 9 people. A further 35 personnel work in a ‘sister’ factory producing fabricated stainless steel components. The sister factory AVEDKO BV operates very modern machinery ie Laser cutting and has a sophisticated powder coating facility.

Flexible approach

MOBILE containing has a flexible approach to its customers’ requirements. We can solve almost any crockery handling problem by customising our products, to suit large diameter plates, trapezium trays, refrigerated dispensers and by producing powder coated coloured units. Products for use outside the commercial catering area can also be developed, such as dispensers used for lenses, to improve ergonomics in a spectacle assembly line. Non standard products account for 30% of the company’s total output.

Since 2008 the DBS combi trolleys are sold and prove that MOBILE containing becomes more and more a partner with the customer to design and realise projects.

MOBILE containing sometimes works with an independent design company to develop new products.


The standard program consists of:

  • Drop in units for service counters
  • Mobile units, heated and unheated
  • Transport and storage trolleys for cook and chill kitchens
  • Bain-marie trolleys
  • Cup carousels


In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we supply to dealers. In Firnland, Sweden, Estland, Letland, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech republic, Greece, Cyprus and Malta, Marocco, Bahrein, UAE, Australia and New Zealand we deliver through distributors.

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